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Art By Kevin

Art by Kevin can be your desired personal order or you can choose from his visions he has created. 


Kevin creates interactive pieces that truly live and breathe with their environment.  The art is always dynamic and fluid, offering a unique experience that changes with the rhythm of the day.  Morning light brings one perspective  while the soft glow of the evening presents another.  This interaction between the art, viewer, and environment invites an ongoing dialogue, a new way of experiencing art that is never static or predictable.


These pieces are not observed, but felt with every shift in light or time sparking a different emotion or insight.  This immersive, experiential approach to art is a testament to Kevin's belief that art is a living entity, a dance between the tangible and intangible.


Kevin continues to push the boundaries of traditional art, exploring the delicate interplay of light, time, and emotion in each of his creations.  Each piece is an intricate exploration of layers revealing different facets and details as the day progresses. 


The art will grow, adapt, and become a part of your life!

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